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Quest to Save the World from Bad Code

A super hero’s choice

I’ve always associated the world of technology with characters from the Marvel movies. Technology to me is like having a superpower and the ability to save the world. Or, if used badly, destroy it. Looking at the state of the world as it is today, it feels as if technology is more used to destroy than create and sustain life.

The fear and the waste

First there was the fear of the singularity. Now it is robots taking over the world.

Something or nothing?

At the start of the movie, she asks Steve, the human spy who literally falls out of the sky into her reality, why he wants to go back to the war, not understanding why anyone would choose that. He responds that it’s not really a want, but that his father once told him something he will always remember:

“When you see something wrong, you can either do something or nothing.”

He chose to do something. Not because it was the easy thing to choose, but it was the right thing to choose.

Impossible only happens when you stop trying

Most people don’t make these choices because it’s never been done before. And because it’s never been done before, it’s impossible.

She believes in the impossible, of going somewhere where no-one before her has ever gone.

That’s how Mount Everest was conquered, and that’s how she finally saved the world. And that’s how organizations can change. Fear is all that is holding you back and fear is only a feeling. Feelings pass, fear too.

Magic or poison?

Technology is like magic if it’s used correctly. Think of cleaning robots, dishwashers, the time you save and convenience of being able to do banking online, the ability to speak to a person on the other side of the world at a click of a button.


Wonder Woman saves the world because she chooses to believe in love. She chooses to look for the good in humanity, not how they’ve created biological bombs and a war within end. And by her choosing love, she saves the world.

What are you going to choose?

I choose love. I choose life. I choose human connection. I choose good code. I choose to continue until I’m proud.

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