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How to be human in a digital world

When the first lock-down as a result of the pandemic was announced, I was angry. Having been working remotely for years prior to the pandemic, I was very familiar with how technology amplifies any communication issues that might exist. I also know that the most common problem amongst teams is communication. It is rare to find a team that communicates well. I was not happy to be forced to go remote full-time.

However, a year later, I am enjoying remote work so much I don’t think I ever want to return to an office environment again. I’ve come to appreciate…

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Debunking the spiral of ever increasing value

The word “agile” has become somewhat of a controversial term in many groups. While many organizations and teams claim to be “agile”, in reality few are. This has caused the essence of agility to be diluted, not because it isn’t as valuable as it promises to be, but because it is misunderstood so easily.

The journey to agility in just 1, 000 steps and 10 years

Becoming agile is a journey. It’s not a switch that you can simply turn on. It takes time, and it takes a lot of effort. And mostly, it takes opening yourself up to try and learn a lot of new things. And fail often.

When I…

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Questioning life, the universe, and everything

Have you ever wondered whether it’s worth it?

Is the investment you make in your friends worth it? Do you get a return on your investment? Can you rely on them in times of need? Will they still love you when you’re at your worst — angry, or poor, or ugly, or fat — or maybe dating someone from a different culture than you?

Is the car you drive worth the inconvenience of being stuck in traffic, having to stop to fill up with petrol, renewing licenses and taking it for a service every so often? Is having it adding…

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A blueprint for creating more agile organizations

A practical book filled with case studies and how-to-guides to transform large organizations into an agile startup culture, this book is a valuable resource for executive leaders. A blend between Scrum, Lean and the Lean Startup, this book brings clarity in how to bring together these diverse and different methods into a winning recipe for organizational mastery.

Who is it for?

The book is intended as a blueprint for executive leaders in large digital organizations to implement a startup culture towards a more agile organization.

It is also a useful guide for consultants and coaches wishing to help large organizations with agile transformations with…

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The good, the bad and the ugly

Years ago I read a book on what make things go viral. I can’t remember the details, but I do remember that one factor was what the author called bragging rights. I call it the keeping-up-with-the-Jones’-syndrome. People tend to jump on a bandwagon before finding out where it is going, just because everyone else is doing it. This post aims to highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Ethereum block chain to help you look past the buzz and decide whether to put that web app on the block chain or not.

When a friend asked my…

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Accelerated results with playful design

I’ve been testing software for a long time. In fact, my first job was as a tester. In an industry where it evolves faster than what it is possible to keep up with, I wouldn’t consider myself — or anyone as a matter of fact — as a master in software testing, but I have completed the 10, 000 hours of mastery required to qualify me as, at least, competent in the art of software testing.

Over the years I’ve seen testing being more integrated into the developer role with Test Driven Development and I remember the great relief and…

A simple, but not simplistic, design approach.

UX designers and Product Owners spend a lot of time researching good products in order to design something you hope will engage your audience for the long haul. For me, it’s like building a puzzle, taking one piece from this product and another piece from another successful product I like and weaving it into a single tapestry. It can, however, become very overwhelming for larger products. Losing track of the core intent and value proposition, even for an experienced designer, is easy.

The biggest issue in fact I see in software development productivity is that teams loose focus of what’s…

21 days in lock down is a very long time when you’re used to social interaction and being outdoors. It’s challenging even for a hermit not being able to leave the house for 3 weeks.

But don’t despair! Here is a list of ideas to help you brighten up your day during lock-down.

1. Just Dance. Now.

Being in lock-down is not so bad. Not being able to move is the real problem! There are plenty ways to stimulate your mental needs while in a lock-down, but physical movement in a small space can be challenging.

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Finding the balance between remote and co-located work

The past week has been a crazy one. All my social interactions were cancelled, my WhatsApp inbox was spammed with fear-based conversations of what-to-do and how to isolate ourselves, and everywhere I looked I saw and heard the wicked “C”-word.

I haven’t isolated myself at all. I have in fact gone out and engaged with people intentionally to fully experience the impact of the pandemic on business owners and the economy.

And even though I’m not isolating myself, I feel isolated. Surrounded with empty streets and closed shops. …

A look at the prerequisites for productive play

Play is how children learn. Play is a tool to master a new skill. It’s a tool to develop social skills like negotiation and teamwork. It’s a tool to innovate.

When children play, they subconsciously give their playmates permission to make mistakes. Something mostly unheard of in a corporate world where success is mostly judged by past successes with potential and possibility often disregarded as there’s too much risk involved. Allowing people to make mistakes is a too high risk for a professional environment.

Yet, it is in the risk-taking that growth and success lies. The skills provided by play…

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