10 Ways to have fun while in lock down

Kate Dames
5 min readApr 3, 2020

21 days in lock down is a very long time when you’re used to social interaction and being outdoors. It’s challenging even for a hermit not being able to leave the house for 3 weeks.

But don’t despair! Here is a list of ideas to help you brighten up your day during lock-down.

1. Just Dance. Now.

Being in lock-down is not so bad. Not being able to move is the real problem! There are plenty ways to stimulate your mental needs while in a lock-down, but physical movement in a small space can be challenging.

Image copied from www.justdancenow.com

So put up your favorite music and dance as if no-one is watching. Or, if you need a little more guidance and mix in some exercise while learning a new dance move or two, try Just Dance Now. It’s a Wii without the Wii. You’ll need a computer and mobile device, the one to look at the dance instructor while you’re dancing, the other serving as input to know whether you’re doing the moves right or not while holding it in your hand.

It’s super fun and will get your blood moving in a feel-good way and can be done in any small space.

2. Visit a virtual Disney theme park

YouTube channel for Disney virtual reality rides

Visit the virtual Disney World YouTube channel and escape from your current environment just for a little while.

The YouTube channel is a collection of a number of the different rides recorded with a 350% camera, allowing you to move around and observe the video from the angle you want to, just as if you were there in real life. Look at the top left corner and use your mouse cursor to navigate the controls.

3. Learn something new

It’s always a good time to skill up, and now you have the time for it. Enroll in a MOOC of your choice, Coursera being my favorite and skill up in the comfort of your home while connecting virtually with other learners globally.

The White Rabbit embarks on a 30 day Yoga challenge.

4. Create a social story

The secret travels of The White Rabbit during lock-down.

Fun requires imagination. So an easy hack to add a bit more fun into your life is to create a social story.

Use an artifact in your house (for me it’s my adored little white rabbit) and each day post a short social post to tell a story.

The White Rabbit does yoga with Adriene.

Then the white rabbit reads Rework. Each day, choose a different object to combine with your chosen artifact and weave a unique story together for others to enjoy in a more playful way.

Other people

5. Join a webcast

I don’t know about you, but my mailbox is filled with invites to join a webcast of all my favorite people in the world. Usually I don’t have the space and time to act on it, but now there’s no excuse.

Broaden your horizons while building connections by joining a webcast.

6. Have fun with Zoom

Zoom is one of the favorite and most used video conference tools and one of it’s coolest features (which doesn’t quite work that well) is virtual backgrounds.

Have fun in your next video call by surprising the person on the other side with a funny or weird background. See who can make the funnest background.

7. Make something (with your hands).

Digital is great. You can connect with people across the globe while physically you are in separate spaces. But too much digital, like anything else, is not very healthy.

Make something with your hands. It can be a more artistic project like a mosaic or paper mache project, or if you’re into woodwork that pedestal or cupboard that’s been on your wish list for years.

If you’re not that handy and don’t have the tools, make something from a piece of paper, or combine a number of objects in your home office to create something unique.

8. Write a postcard or love letter

We often don’t appreciate the special people in our lives. We take for granted what people do for us, especially those close to us or co-workers. Take a moment and write a postcard or letter to tell someone why you appreciate them.

Then, take a photo and send it to them via social media. Or, if you have patience, keep it and post it when life returns to normal. Digital is easier and faster, but there’s few things as special as receiving a postcard or package in a digital world.

It will not only make the other person happy, it will make you happy while you focus on gratitude.

9. Make a memory jar

A piggy bank for good memories. Pick a big jar or box and decorate it. Each day, when something that makes you happy happens, write it on a piece of paper, fold it up and put it in your memory jar.

Continue doing this and in a year, or when you’re really feeling gloomy, open the jar and remember all the good things in your life.

10. Clear out your cupboards

Cleaning is not exactly what most people would describe as a fun activity. Yet, there’s something very soothing and nurturing about clearing out your clutter.

Pick a cupboard and clear it out. As you unpack long-forgotten items you’ll be going on an feel-good emotional journey of remembrance (you only keep things that you like).

Stay calm and use your imagination

Staying indoors for extended periods of time can be challenging. Flex your creative muscles and use a bit of imagination to do something different, something fun.

Like these ideas? Please share yours in the comments below!



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